Tactics: Discover Attacks

Discover Attacks:

discovered attack is a direct attack that results from one piece moving out of the way of another. These attacks are especially powerful because both the revealed piece and moved piece are able to make threats. Usually, when players are faced with multiple threats, they are unable to respond effectively. Thus, discovered attacks, especially discovered checks, can win material when the moving piece captures an opposing piece normally protected by another piece. 

Discover Attack Example:

White makes two threats by moving Bc6+ with the bishop threatening the queen and the rook threatening the king. This move will win the black queen and give white a winning position.

Now that we understand discover attacks, lets try some practice problems. The upcoming puzzles will all focus on discover checks, discover atttacks that result in the enemy king getting checked. Remember some patterns and basic strategies that you utilized in the last couple workbooks to complete these puzzles. In these puzzles, you will play white and win material from black in one move.