Opening: Philidor’s Defense

Move 1: e4, e5

The game starts off with the traditional King’s Pawn opening. It opens up the queen and the bishop to move out while establishing great center control.

Move 2: Nf3, d6

White develops the knight with a threat and black plays d6 to defend. Definitely not the most popular move which blocks the dark square bishop on f8.

Move 3: d4, exd4

White moves the pawn to control the center and opens it up as black’s move does not develop a piece. Black takes on d4 and lets white have more develops but the E-pawn becomes weak on the open file.

Move 4: Nxd4, Nf6

White takes with the knight, putting it in the center where it controls the most squares. Black develops the kingside pawn and attacks in e4 pawn.

Move 5: Nc3, Be7

White brings out another piece and defends e4. Black brings the dark square to the only available square. This move will allow black to castle kingside its next move and develop the rook while moving the king to safety.

Ending Notes:

White can continue the development to castling kingside or queenside. Black usually castles kingside where his king is safe. Both sides develop all their pieces and white has more space. This is not an opening that gets a lot of attacking, but black is solid with no weaknesses.