Opening: Petroff Defense Classic Variation

Move 1: e4, e5

A king’s pawn opening that grabs center control.

Move 2: Nf3, Nf6

White develops the knight with a threat attacking e5 and instead of defending the pawn with Nc6 or d6 makes his own threat of Nf6.

Move 3: Nxe5, d6

White accepts the challenge and takes the e5 pawn. It would be a mistake to play Nxe4 for black. White obtains a winning advantage with Qe2 attacking the knight and if Nf6? Nc6+ wins blacks queen.

Move 4: Nf3, Nxe4

White retreats the knight to a safe square and now black can safely take the e4 pawn.

Move 5: d4, d5

White and black both move the d pawns to the center and have an equal position. White can try Qe2, but black plays Qe7 and the queens get traded for a queenless middlegame.

Ending Notes:

After this white and black will develop their bishops and castle for an equal game. This opening is known to give black an easy equality but it lacks funs attacking options. These are some variations that are aggressive, but this opening to be drawn and boring.