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Mission Statement


Our mission is to better the communities we serve by providing a complete chess education in a positive and nourishing environment.

By making chess accessible, we hope to empower children and adults alike with the tools that will increase their level of academic performance, decision making, and leadership. We believe that the seeds we plant today will create a better world tomorrow.

Complete body, complete mind, Complete Chess.

Our Core Values




Meet Our Team

Jesse James Lozano

Jesse James Lozano

Co-founder & Chief Excecutive Officer

Jesse was born and raised in San Antonio. He has been competing in chess tournaments since high school and now he is a National Chess Master and a four-time San Antonio City chess champion. Lozano is a full time chess player and chess coach. His goal is to help San Antonio be a chess capitol and give students an opportunity to grow and play this important game.

Alexander "Sasha" Ferdkoff

Alexander "Sasha" Ferdkoff

Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer

Sasha is an avid chess player, who has enjoyed the game for over 20 years. He has three young sons who play chess and excel in mathematics and logic. Sasha believes that studying and playing chess improves critical thinking skills, mental equity and concentration; skills which are essential in all facets of life. Playing and teaching chess are his passions along with serving his patients and community.

Hoang "Bob" Le

Hoang "Bob" Le

Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer

Bob was born and rasied in Vietnam. He is currently a senior majoring in computer science at Trinity University. Bob started playing chess when he was 6 years old, and he competed in national and international chess competitions as a member of Vietnamese National Chess Team. He is a Candidate FIDE Master and he hopes to share his passion for chess with everyone, especially with the younger generation.

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