Don’t Bring Your Queen Out Too Early

Don’t Bring Your Queen Out Too Early

This game is not actually from Morphy, but from Yasser Serwain. The match takes place between an experienced player and a beginner. The beginner is white and the experienced player is black. Watch how the experienced player uses his minor pieces (knights and bishops) to rule the board.

Move 1: e4, e5

Both players make good moves that control the center.

Move 2: Bc4, Nc6

Not a bad move but the principles say develop knights before bishops. White develops the bishop with a certain idea.

Move 3: Qh5, g6

Chess question: Do you see white’s elementary threat?

Move 4: Ne2, e6

White tries again to attack the f7 square, black keeps bringing out pieces and stops the queen attack. The queen will slowly get surrounded by black’s pieces.

Move 5: Qb3, Nd4

White has moved the queen too many times and black now is ready for the attack not even defending f7.

Move 6: Bxf7+, Ke7

Chess question: Oh no! Did black make a mistake?

Move 7: Qc4, b5

White is running out of squares to move the queen and defend the bishop. All squares are under black’s control. Black playing b5 pushes the queen off the defense of the bishop. 

Move 8: Qc5+, Kxf7

White thought they could take the e5 pawn after this attack. Black can play Nxc2+ winning the rook on h1. 

Move 9: Qc3, Bb4

Black’s development becomes very clear and white’s queen is running out of squares.

Move 10: Qd3, d5

White moves the queen to safety and makes sure to defend the c2 fork with Qd3, the only safe square for her.

Chess question: Why did black move d5?

Move 11: exd5, Bf5

White takes the pawn and lets black bring out the last minor piece.

Move 12: Qg3, Nh5

The only square on the 3rd rank that is safe but not for long. The queen gets harassed again by the knight. 

Move 13: Qxe5, Re8

The only safe square for the queen is to win the pawn, but now white gets pinned by the black rook.

Move 14: Qxe8+, Qxe8+

When you are going to lose a piece, get the most valuable piece you can. The white queen cannot run away because then, the rook will take the white king. As we know, we cannot put ourselves into check. 

Move 15: Kd1

Chess Question: Can you find a checkmate in one for black?

Don’t Bring Your Queen Out Too Early:

This is a beautiful example of what happens when you bring your queen out too early. Stop all threats of the queen and then bring your minor pieces and heavy pieces out and attack her. We get more pieces out and we can attack her and later on the opposing army. Happy queen hunting and remeber what to do when the queen comes out too early.