Opening Formations

King’s Gambit

Move 1: e4, e5
A pretty standards opening. Both white and black makes move to control the center. In addition to controlling the center, both players open up their bishop and queen. This will allow them to
develop with threats in the future.

Move 2: f4
The idea of the King’s Gambit is to tempt black into taking the f4 pawn and lose a central pawn (e5 pawn). White will have the only two pawns in the center while black has one. By giving up the pawn, White wants to get out the minors as soon as possible. White is also hoping at some time to win the f4 pawn back with the bishop on c1. This is an aggressive opening not played much these days, but was a favorite in the 1800s with romantic chess
players who liked to make these attacks.

Move 2 (Accepted): exf4
The best way to beat a gambit is to
accept it! Although you will
probably lose a few games to
some traps and strategies, it is the
best way to play.

Move 2 (Declined): Bc5
If fxe5, white black plays Qh4+ with
a winning game.