Opening Formations

The Scotch

Move 1: e4, e5
Both players start with standard pawn moves to control the center of the board.

Move 2: Nf3, Nc6
Both players develop their knights to fight for center control. White and black and looking at controlling the e5 square.

Move 3: d4, exd4
White moves d4 to threaten to e5 pawn. The best response for black in this situation is to capture the d-pawn.

Move 4: Nxd4, Nf6
White captures back the pawn on d4, and black responds by developing a new piece while threatening white’s e-pawn.

Move 4: Nxd4, Bc5
White makes the same move as the previous variation. However, black responds by developing Bc5, threatening white’s knight.