Opening Formations

The Italian

Move 1: e4, e5
Hopefully, this is starting to look familiar. Most chess games will begin with this opening because it controls the center and creates opportunities for piece development.

Move 2: Nf3, Nc6
Another familiar opening move to fight for center control. White initiates a threat with Nf3 by attacking the e5 pawn. Black then plays defensively by bringing out Nc6 to protect the threatened pawn.

Move 3: Bc4, Bc5
White develops the white-square bishop to control the center of the board. This move also allows white to castle kingside in the near future. Black moves Bc5 to place more pressure on the d4 square and solidfy center control .

Move 4: c3
White moves pawn to c3 in an effort to regain control over the d4 square. White is hoping to move d4 and fighting for center control its next move.

Move 4: Nf6
In response to white’s looming threat, black develops another piece. This move threatens the undefended e4 pawn and allows black to castle.