Jesse Lozano

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Location:San Antonio, TX
Rating:USCF: 2308, FIDE: 2230
Email:[email protected]

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Jesse has been San Antonio city chess champion for 3 years in a row. Being a national master, he is very passionate about chess and has studied the game for years. Jesse also loves working with children and wants to share his knowledge to make chess greater in San Antonio.

Location: San Antonio, TX
Languages: English
Rating: USCF: 2308, FIDE: 2230
Rate: $60/hr
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 210-393-3056

Please contact this coach by email, call, or text to book a lesson.

4 reviews for Jesse Lozano

  1. Diana L.

    Rating is 5.
    Jesse James is a great chess coach… .. he has the knowledge and patience to teach all ages.

  2. Greg B

    Fantastic coach that brings out a passion in the kids. Excellent ability to teach all levels and keeps chess fun and entertaining. I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in chess!

  3. Mike S

    Jesse is an amazing coach and player. I’ve been able to watch him teach groups of kids and 1 on 1. He is able to make chess fun for the kids and has greatly improved my two kids’ playing level. San Antonio is lucky to have him.

  4. Joe Longoria

    5 Very good at what he does. Teaching, coaching.

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