January Gladiator Arena 2024


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Description: Join the arena to rapidly increase your rating and leave your provisional rating behind. This is a USCF rated swiss chess tournament open to all chess players. We will meet weekly on Tuesday nights to play two 30 min games. (Excluding 5th Tuesdays) 1/2 point byes available for any round. (1/2 point byes added for games not played due to joining later on in the month, maximum 2 points)


• 6391 De Zavala Rd, Suite 113A, San Antonio, TX 78249, United States

Round times:
• 8 Rounds
• Rounds start at 7:00pm each Tuesday (Excluding 5th Tuesdays)
• 2 rounds every Tuesday (Excluding 5th Tuesdays)

Time controls:
• All Rounds G/30;d5

Entry fee: $20 for non-members, Free for Knight, King, and Adult members
(Discounts will be automatically applied if you are signed in. If you have trouble, contact us for your registration.)

Sections and Prizes:
One Open Section
Top Player wins an invitation to the 2024 end of the year invitational

**No refunds within 1 week of the event. All refunds will be charged a $7 processing fee.


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