I just finished up my work day on a warm Saturday evening. I put in another full day’s work as a self-employed professional. The sun will be fast setting soon but I didn’t want to leave the office for home without scheduling this week’s blog. My office dog is presently absorbing the sunrays on his body coming through my front office building’s glass doors which make him look something like the night’s moon (part shaded and part illuminated by sunlight). Today I drove one of my vehicles instead of taking the bus since I needed to restock my office building with sundries a place of business uses when people work in it. Driving my Suburban makes all I purchased from the grocery store today easier to unload than carrying them on and off of the bus I take every day but one each week.

I was recently given a gift of advice from a strong longtime chess player and friend. I was lamenting how I’m struggling to gain proficiency in a few chess openings. I had misplayed a couple of chess openings recently and the gift was to look at openings a different way. Instead of trying to memorize the sequence of opening moves, look at the bad moves. Once you understand the bad moves, the correct move will stand out all the more. It’s a new approach I intend to try starting this next week.

A new way of seeing things may just be what a chess player needs to improve their game.

As a reward to myself for working a long Saturday, I placed an order for another chess book. It’s nice to have something to look forward to receiving in the mail.

May all your chess moves be strong.