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Welcome to the Chess Journey:

This workbook is the Complete Chess Certified Training Program to help students reach the Knight Level Certification. In this workbook, students will learn more advanced tactics and chess theory.

Before We Get Started:

This workbook has been designed for new chess players and will cover basic material. Complete Chess highly recommends recreating the puzzles and checkmate patterns on a physical board for deeper analysis.

While this workbook does not guarantee the Knight Level 1 Certification, proper completion of the exercises and material will significantly improve student performance on the exam. We highly encourage all students to finish the puzzles and fully understand this workbook before the test. 

Goal and Objectives:

This workbook will focus on several different educational goals. After completing this workbook, students should understand the following topics. 

  • How to use algebraic chess notation more efficiently
  • Tactics: Intermediate Level 1 Forks
  • Tactics: Pins
  • Opening Theory: Control the Center
  • Opening Theory: Develop with Threats
  • Opening Theory: Develop Knights before Bishops
  • Opening Theory: Don’t Move the Same Piece Twice if You Can Help It
  • Opening Theory: Make as Few Pawn Moves as Possible
  • Coordinated Attacks