Try to Avoid Moving the Same Piece Twice

Opening Theory: Try to Avoid Moving the Same Piece Twice

At the start of a chess game, players should aim to activate or develop pieces.
However, if players repeatedly move one specific piece in the opening, their opponent
might get ahead by putting his pieces in the right places.

Since chess is fundamentally a war game, meaning that players try to bully one
another with their pieces, both players should try to get their pieces in good fighting
positions before the opponent. Once a player achieves this advantage, their pieces
can gang up and effectively threaten the opposing player.

While chess players should try to avoid moving the same piece twice in the opening, it
is alright to repeatedly move a piece so long as there is a good reason. For example, if
a piece is being attacked or threatened, it is appropriate and smart to move it to

Game Information:
– Mobile 1855
– White: Judge A.B. Meek
– Black: Paul Morphy
– Opening: Scotch Gambit