Knights Before Bishops

Opening Theory: Knights Before Bishops

Since knights and bishops have the same point value, many new players are under the
impression that they should be treated equally. While the pieces are both 3 points, most
experienced players prefer to move knights before bishops. The reason for this is
simple. It takes the knight longer to reach the other side of the board than the bishop.

Without any obstacles on the board, the knight can reach the other side of the board in
four moves. On the other hand, the bishop can reach the other side of the board in two
moves. Since it takes longer for the knight to move long distances, players choose to
mobilize it first.

While players typically aim to develop both of these pieces within their first several
moves, the knights should almost always get developed before bishops.

Game Information:
Paris 1858
White: Paul Morphy
Black: Duke of Brunswick and Count Isouard deVauvenargue
Opening: Philidor Defense